Dating a nurse

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After 40 hours of dealing with various bodily fluids and excrement, digging out the hair from a drain or scrubbing a toilet bowl seems like a piece of cake.Nurses are used to sharing tasks and rewards in a team setting.Patients tend to ramble and nurses become good at making them feel heard and picking out what’s important.“My wife not only listens but shows that she ,” says John Poole.Nurses who work three 12-hour shifts often only need to find care for their days on, cutting down on the ever-rising cost of childcare.

Their professional days were spent reviewing patient records and administering transfers to other facilities.

Allan Gourlie says he always felt at ease when caring for his kids because he knew it wasn’t serious unless his wife got worried.

Nurses often have to help their patients with insurance claims and coverage plans.

You won’t have to guess who the best surgeon is in town next time you tear your anterior ligament.

When you are out hiking, mountain climbing or even just riding your bike, you never know when it might come in handy to have someone who is trained in first aid along.

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