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Stray archeological finds on the Domhügel go back to the Paleolithic, but the first proven settlement and land development date to the Roman era.

In 1612, after the election of Emperor Matthias the council rejected the Guild's request, to read out publicly the imperial privileges given to the city.In the first of its fifty-six canons the council condemned Adoptionism, and in the second repudiated the Second Council of Nicaea of 787, which, according to the faulty Latin translation of its Acts (see Caroline Books), seemed to decree that the same kind of worship should be paid to images as to the Blessed Trinity, though the Greek text clearly distinguishes between latreia and proskynesis; this constituted a condemnation of iconoclasm.The remaining fifty-four canons dealt with metropolitan jurisdiction, monastic discipline, superstition etc.Louis the Pious, Charlemagne's son, selected Frankfurt as his seat, extended the palatinate, built a larger palace, and in 838 had the city encircled by defensive walls and ditches.After the Treaty of Verdun (843), Frankfurt became to all intents and purposes the capital of East Francia and was named Principalis sedes regni orientalis (principal seat of the eastern realm).

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