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Until we reach that point, we'll settle for photos of Boeh-Losi's near-makeouts.Would you date someone who didn't agree with you politically?Could a person who's feeling the Bern have a good time dating someone who wants to "make America great again"? I'm imagining a Sanders and Trump supporter heading out for a drink together only to come to the topic of the election, ultimately prompting a barroom brawl (induced by too much tequila).Indeed, it's very difficult to believe a Republican and Democrat could date (and make it last).The polarized political environment has clearly impacted the married generations older than us.

Putting Boeh-Losi romance rumors aside, political differences have become so polarizing they appear to be permeating Americans' relationships.A successful Democrat-Republican meet-cute isn't exactly an accomplishment on the level of, say, passing a bipartisan budget bill.But the generational shift from divisive partisanship to more reasoned, issue-based dialogue can hopefully make its way from our happy hours to Washington, where it's desperately needed.For example, they may have good communication and conflict resolution skills, a healthy sex life, shared goals and similar interests -- all of which are possible even if their politics differ.We can all benefit from avoiding stereotyping people by their politics, and it's important to realize our personal opinions aren't sacrosanct.

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