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But to Inglis House, the nursing home where he has lived for decades, the camera was a watchful eye, scrutinizing its staff's every move and capturing images of people whose privacy they're responsible to protect.

Stu's computer equipment was abruptly removed in mid-December, and he was asked to write a note defending his access to it.

"The Sandersons unwittingly became part of a splintered national debate about the role of video cameras in long-term care facilities.

The conversation includes webcams used for video calls, clocks with hidden pinhole cameras, and motion-activated cameras that broadcast live video feeds to laptops and smartphones.

The laws generally require that administrators are notified of the camera and that consent forms are signed by the resident and any roommates.

Signs notifying staff, residents and visitors of the cameras are required at the resident's door or the facility's entrance.

He said the policy will support residents' rights to cameras as long as they notify staff."One of our core values is learning, and any organization that is going to get better is constantly learning what works and what doesn't work," Kerr said.

No state has passed a law banning cameras in nursing facilities.If the webcam's orange light was on, Scott said, they were advised to ask Stu if he was comfortable receiving care.The facility is now drafting a policy to address cameras for communication needs and those used to monitor care, either visibly or covertly, said Gavin Kerr, president and CEO of Inglis House, a nonprofit nursing home that serves about 300 people with complex disabilities and health care needs.Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, in her proposed legislation, calls for the recordings to be admissible in court, and creates penalties for tampering with cameras or recordings."At some point, we are all likely to face having a family member in a nursing home," Madigan said in a September statement."Providing residents and their families the option to install monitoring devices in their rooms will provide peace of mind that our loved ones are being cared for in the best possible manner."Hidden cameras have caught abuse at Pennsylvania long-term care facilities.

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