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Other guest voices include Michael Chiklis (Big Fat Paulie) and Alan King (the Don). Not surprisingly, Peter (voice of series creator Seth Mac Farlane) proves to be a saber-rattler, and that leads to a cooling in U. Luke Perry (who provides his own voice) is the subject of Meg's journalistic excess.

When Peter goes to City Hall for a pool permit, he discovers that the Griffin house is not located in Quahog---or even in the U. Actually, it's Peter's: he writes an article "outing" Perry (with no evidence whatsoever), puts Meg's name on it and submits it to her school newspaper.

Meanwhile, Meg (voice of Lacey Chabert) needs 00 for a purse, so she takes a waitress job, and takes Stewie with her---pretending that she's an unwed mother and Stewie is her crack baby.

Peter survives a health scare but gets a killer bill.

Meanwhile, Lois (voice of Alex Bornstein), a frustrated pianist who competes vicariously through the students she teaches, finds one with real promise just before a big competition.

Brian heads to Hollywood to be screenwriter and the others follow when Stewie is chosen to be on "Kids Say the Darndest Things." Stewie doesn't exactly hit it off with host Bill Cosby but Brian does make his mark in show business, if not in the way he had intended (as a porn "auteur").

Tired of being overweight, Chris (voice of Seth Green) decides to diet and exercise.When Peter and Chris's favorite TV show, "Gumbel 2 Gumbel," is canceled, Peter concocts a plan to get it uncanceled.He goes to the Grant-a-Dream Foundation and says that Chris is dying. It's granted, but Peter's "white lie" comes back to plague him.On their way to New York, the Griffins take a wrong turn and end up at a Native American gambling casino, where luck proves to be no lady for Lois (voice of Alex Borstein).Comic Bobby Slayton provides the voice of a pit boss named Lenny.

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